Looking on Poets.org to find a good halloween poem, I came across their “Poetry Haunted House” and got super excited, because I was envisioning some sort of digital experience or at least a full compilation to read. Alas, I don’t know why I thought anything like that. Instead, instructions on how to make a poetry-themed haunted house. Just being faced with reading poetry is scary enough for most people (ha….ha….). Anyway, I love the ideas. JUST WHY oh why can’t they try to bring poetry experiences online!

I’m sure some of it’s money or whatever, but really. This as a digital experience could be really, really interesting, even to people who don’t like poetry a whole lot.

At least some creepy readings would be nice.


via Poetry Haunted House from Poets.org.


One thought on “Poetry Haunted House from Poets.org

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