One of my wonderful classmates sent me this link to NPR’s radio hour, which includes former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins’ TED Talk “Poems in Motion”, in which he talks about getting poetry in front of different audiences, what turns people off from poetry:

When you get a poem on a billboard or on the radio or on a cereal box or whatever, it happens to you so suddenly that you don’t have time to deploy your anti-poetry deflector shields that were installed in high school.), and his creative process.

The poem he mentions is called “Some Day” and the animation is really incredible. I know he thinks poetry can stand on its own. I do to. But this animation definitely adds its own kind of power.  Love. Love. Love.

This TED Blog talks about a few more of the animations he showed and says “I’m not sure if other poems will be animated. It took a long time — I mean, it’s rather uncommon to have this marriage — a long time to put those two together. But then again, it took us a long time to put the wheel and the suitcase together. (Laughter) I mean, we had the wheel for some time. And schlepping is an ancient and honorable art.”

I hope more well-thought out and well-made animations come along!

What do you think?  Superfluous? Interesting?


One thought on “Billy Collins TED Talk on Poetry

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