Over the year, I’m supposed to keep track of my thesis topic by writing a single sentence about what I think it’s about.  Formerly, I think the way I was approaching my project verbally did not reflect how I was truly thinking about it.  I think there’s always a element of “meeting halfway”, but the heavy burden in my project falls on poetry.

I want to find the best way to get good, interesting, and relevant poetry in front of people.  But once I get them there, the poetry will have to speak for itself.  And I think that if I find a way to personalize selections and highlight different poetic themes and styles so that readers don’t have to scour the internet to find something they want to read, then the poetry CAN speak for itself.  And people will like what it has to say.

So, for now:

My thesis is about… finding the most compelling and most easily accessible form in which poetry can be presented to the public so that non-readers will find it interesting, easy to engage with, and relevant and (hopefully) will be more willing to interact with poetry.


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