Listener is a band playing “Talk Music”.  I discover them during a Twitter link-clicking extravaganza.  Other than the fact that I need to listen really carefully to hear the sing-talkers words (does Ke$ha count as talk music?), it seems like the reaction to this band has been incredibly positive, especially compared to some contemporary hip-hop artists and rappers.  It’s not rap exactly.  Or maybe every song isn’t like rap.  But it’s like performance poetry but with more music.  I definitely need to listen some more and take it in.  So far, I’m a fan.

The first song I hear is here: Ozark Empire, or a snake oil salesman comes to your town. (It now seems obvious to me that a clothes dryer would make an incredible percussive instrument.) 

There are, of course, several more found on their youtube channel and the band’s website (found here).

Take a listen.

Do you think this counts at poetry?  Why/why not?


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